Ultramarathon Daily News | Moon, Feb 24

CNN: Trail runner in Washington detached his tibia (yeeoch!) on a run and had to crawl on his hands and knees through the snow for eight hours to reach help. Nice job getting out of there!
And am I the only person who immediately checks out ultrasignup whenever I read a story about an MUT runner? Here ya go. Heal up Joe!

Adam Campbell lost his wife to an avalanche accident last month and just wrote an emotional and moving “accident report” about the incident. It’s on Facebook right here.

Forbes: Sixty two year old former Marine holds plank for the amount of time you’ll be at work today.

Here’s our chat with Zach Ornelas from last year. Good luck dude!

IRF/TWIR: A few international races, a Sarah Lavender Smith mention, and a complete list of ultra/trail runners competing in the Olympic Marathon Trials this weekend. My youth team has our first meet that day, but I’ll still be watching. (And no, I’m not putting any money down on the trials…too tough.)

And add this one to the TWIR list, courtesy of SteeltownRunner. Bongmusa Mthembu, three time Comrades winner, takes the Capital City Marathon (South Africa) in 2:20:44. To note, the course has about 1500′ of elevation gain.

And here’s more on Ellie Pell, another qualifier who also has found success in ultras. Sounds like she’d make a great interview…

Runner’s World: Cool story about a Mexican immigrant with an old school training regiment that’s made him one of the fastest age groupers in the country. Reminds me very much of Ruperto Romero, his story, his training, and his humble attitude.

Pickle brine beer. Wut?

ICYMI: Pole vaulter punctures his scrotum, needs 18 stitches.

Canadian Running: No, that Indian guy running through the mud with water buffaloes didn’t break Usain Bolt’s record, but dang, that was fast. And isn’t any assistance he received from the animals cancelled out by the fact the dude is running in mud???

WooHoo! Elderly couple lost on Valentine’s Day in Northern California found alive. Another win for SAR!

Need a few more fun stories? Check out Semi-Rad’s Friday Inspiration and behold the craziest LineRider video/track of all time.

Note: For anyone wondering what all the hubbub on Twitter was about this weekend, it was all based on my one comment (in the comments section) from Thursday’s news. That’s it. I haven’t commented further.

Have a great week everyone.

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