Ultramarathon Daily News | Mursday, May 11ty

World Athletics: I wasn’t familiar with Kiwi Melissa Moon’s story about how she got into mountain running. What an incredible athlete!

Track meets coming back to Europe in June.
Seems that with the paltry showing of fans we get stateside, social distancing would be pretty easy from a spectator perspective.

I’m loving these “catching up with” columns by Justin Mock in iRunFar. Today’s subject is Jez Bragg.

JB Benna releases a new film featuring NYer Ivan Zinn during his quest for a buckle at Western States. Also featuring commentary from Rob Krar, Steph Howe, Larisa Dannis, and more. Cool film!

Scary pic from my neighborhood’s NextDoor page:

Trail Sister Candace writes about being injured during the shutdown and how it effects her mentally and emotionally. I can’t decide if now is a good time to be injured (not missing any races!) or bad time (so much time to run!)

Trailrunner Mag: How childcare and home responsibilities limit women’s participation in trail running and events. Maybe a little nod to the stay at home dads every once in awhile?

How many five mile loops can you run in twelve hours? Find out May 30 during the Ultravirus challenge. Mike Wardian ran the first edition a few weeks ago and did not win…the competition is legit.

Ever thought about Everesting? Find hill, start your watch and run it enough times to hit 8848 meters. Stop your watch. Women’s record is held by Aussie Jarmila Tyrril in 16:16. Men’s record is held by Austrian Bernhard Wagner in 10:01.
Here’s an important point from the official rules: “Each repeat can either be run up and down, or alternatively you can save your knees and be transported down each lap This can be by car, bus, shuttle, chairlift/gondola, lift, abseiling, or bike etc.
I know quite a few people I’d like to see try this…Sabrina Stanley for the ladies and Max King for the fellas. Who else?

With half the Golden Tickets already claimed and carried over, the WSER Board took the opportunity to modify the Hoka Golden Ticket races for the 2021 race. They are Black Canyon 100k, Bandera 100k, and The Canyons 100k. Notably absent are any races on the East Coast, including the Georgia Death Race.

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