Ultramarathon Daily News | Mursday? May 4nd?

NINE DAYS AGO, Sally Van Nuland and Cherie McCafferty started running one mile each hour in the Little Dog Front Yard Challenge and they’re still going. They’re 231 hours/miles in and still rocking it. Go go go!

NYT: Michael Ortiz’s attempt to run one hundred 100 milers in 100 weeks. Any grammarians or AP style folks want to check that for me?
Here’s our chat with Michael from last year.

“The Chapter one of ITRA is done – the Michel Poletti Era. Chapter two, ITRA 2.0, will be rapid growth, new technology to provide exciting new products and services to our membership. This chapter will be about neutrality, independence and fairness for all. This will set us apart from the perception of the entanglement of UTMB and ITRA.”

One of the challenges facing Crowley is a lack of awareness of ITRA in the US trail running community. “These guys are a bunch of mustangs who have been roaming around free. They certainly won’t have a saddle thrown on their back and are not going to be corralled. American trail runners do not really perceive that they need an organisation to represent them,” Crowley added.

South China Morning Post

–Whoa. Well, this should be an interesting few years! Anxious to see what Bob has in plan and how it’ll be executed and accepted.

How are retailers doing? SNews talks with three who are re-opening and finds out how they’re weathered the storm.

iRunFar/Mock: Catching up with Andrew Miller. Thanks for doing that! I was just thinking about him this past weekend…always seemed like an interesting guy who could reemerge and make the elite field really exciting.
Here’s our talk with him a few weeks after his 2016 Western States win.

Race Director Sean “Run Bum” Blanton has found himself in the midst of controversy again. After this latest incident, I find it appalling that Western States and HOKA are accepting Georgia Death Race as a Golden Ticket event. Come. On.
If you’d like to hear my interview him from last year (post-GDR), check it out here.

SCMP: Ruth Croft offers advice and tips on training through the pandemic.

Heads up: On May 16, I’ll be helping to announce and provide commentary for Zach Bitter’s attempt to break the WR for twelve hours on a treadmill. Current record is 94.5 miles (that’s 7:37 pace), but something tells me each is eyeing a nice, even one hundred. Stay tuned for more info.

RW: Congratulatins to Shalane Flanagan and her husband as they welcome a new baby into their lives.

Trailrunner Mag: Great long form story about a guy who moved to the Navajo Nation three decades ago and has created a running program that empowers native youth. Sounds like a rad series of races too…anyone done any?

Run Spirited: Henry catches up with Lucy Barthlomew to find out how she’s dealing with the shutdown in Australia. Anxious to see her really nail a race next year.

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