Ultramarathon Daily News on What the Hell? I’m 42?!?

Motivation contagion: Running with others to boost your morale and fitness.  A question though: What motivates you more? A running group or new gear to try out?

Megan Hicks and Karl Meltzer named #3 FKTOY for 2016.  Good choices for sure.

Interesting: The chia seed industry has had a huge impact on the Tarahumara and a longer shelf-life than Vibrams.  More here.

Best workout songs from all sorts of fitness-type folks, including yours truly.  What should be on the list?

I understand RD have their own policies and I respect them.  This seems strange though: The Nut 100k (Oregon) runners received this email after recent storms.

We have some important news to share with you about this year’s NUT 100K & 50K. The North Umpqua Trail has sustained some serious damage already this winter and the Forest Service doesn’t expect to be able to repair the trail or perform the needed maintenance in time for the race. 
We do not want to cancel the race, so instead we are moving it out to August. The new race date is Saturday, August 19. 

We understand that this new date will not work for some who have already registered (while others may be cheering the extra training time). Our policy is to provide a 50% credit, but if you cannot run on this new day, we have a few options for you:

  1. Cancel your registration and receive a 100% credit toward another Go Beyond Racing event. This credit is good for one year.
  2. Cancel your registration and receive a 50% refund of the race registration fee.

Seems to me that with the race so far out, a full refund should be an option.  What do you think?  Any RDs want to weigh in?

Morgan Elliot is another post-collegiate dude with tons of leg speed and ambition who’s starting to make an impact on the ultramarathon trail scene. More here from Paul Cuno Booth.

Interesting: With WalMart’s recent purchase of MooseJaw, some of your favorite outdoor brands may be showing up on the shelves of the retail giant.

Ladies: Eight things to know about running and your breasts.

Canada sure is an interesting place.  Now it’s got safaris.

Endurance: Polish dude sets the 24 hour for swimming in a 25m pool.  Old record was 54k, he did 96k!  imagine the number of flip turns!  Article is in Polish, but the google translate machine works well.

Meanwhile, this dude was making a solo trek of Antarctica that took him 57 days and during which he was partially aided by kites. 

Shoe and biomechanics geeks head over here for a new study that show (or may not show, ah hell, I can’t tell any more) the benefits of mid foot striking.

Ian Corless’ Running Beyond is an amazing book and effective motivator to get back on the trails.  Such great pics and information, now I just need a million airline miles.

And this BeastCoast Trail Film Fest trailer is making me want to head east!

Here’s the first installment of what we’ll be calling Returning to the Trailhead.  If you heard the interview with Scotty Sandow last week, you’ll want to follow along with his progress in this weekly columns.

I’m getting a kick out of these Frozen Bros video snippets. Tough looking trail running dudes talking about…laundry detergent?

No ultramarathon news whatsoever, just a feel good story that shows how awesome people can be.

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