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TrailSisters: How to be an awesome aid station captain.

College Admission Scandal: Good analysis on the struggle and messaging of prep sports. I’d add…let’s also feel for those real student athletes who worked their butts off for an athletic scholarship, only for that spot to go some pampered kid.

NYT Science: Your kid is chubby, stressed out, lazy, and has high blood pressure. What’s a better plan…more Rx drugs or maybe some exercise?

I’m not crazy and I’m not afraid. I think people are wonderful and I’m going to find out more about that.

Awesome story about a 70 women walking across the country (link fixed.) But I just read her latest FB post and it sounds grim…she’s unable to pull Chuck the trailer and needs some help. Anyone in 29 Palms or Arizona area who might help an awesome woman? h/t LB.

Hollywood: Actor Jon Glaser was on Jimmy Kimmel in full trail running gear this week. Seems like a funny guy who could probably do some good bits on the MUT culture.

Book signing: I’ll be at Fleet Feet Davis (6:15pm) for a group run hosted by Katie Arnold, followed by a book signing/reading at Avid Reader next door. Hope to see some of you there.

Outside Online: How great would it be to be on a trail run and come across one of these performances? Anyone seen them on Mt. Si?

OCD: Gear packing template for a backpacking adventure.

Miguel Ordorica and Kaci Lickteig
Kaci Lickteig and Miguel Ordorica

Did you catch our latest episode? I chatted with Miguel Ordorica, better known as “Kaci’s pacer” about his running background, and what his role is when Kaci lines up for a race.

Truth: On a tempo run a few years ago, I swallowed a butterfly and have never looked at them the same. This news does not make me happy. And for what it’s worth, they taste like sh*t.

iRunFar: Reducing your digital distractions. Good read about how much time we spend staring at our phones. I converted to a flip phone a few years ago. Made it a few months until that phone broke and I ended up with a new iPhone. I’ve got a LightPhone2 on order and will be moving that way again soon.

TAUR: Some thoughts on Kara Goucher’s entry into the trail world.
Here’s my take if I’m being totally honest: I think it’s great she’s been running on trails her whole life and I love that she’s signing up for races and I’m sure the trail community will be stoked to have her…but…something about it says “I’m done with my real running career and done with fighting NOP, so now I’m going to go run with slow people on the trails where I can still be relevant.” Ouch, I know, but this whole thing seems disingenuous to me. If I’m off base or being a cynical a-hole, let me know.

Wish I could make it: Lake Sonoma training run this weekend. Forecast says 70 and sunny plus there’s (free) food, beer, and giveaways at the end.

Shoes: When I was growing up, Asics were the running shoes for road, track, and xc. Since then, I’ve really only thought of the brand as a 5k-marathon casual road runner shoe, but they’ve managed to still stay at or near the top of sales. Looks like they’re making a push to dominate the market again. Free advice for Asics: Make shoe model names something we can pronounce and remember. “Kayano GTO-2 PT 34DD Giggity” doesn’t really flow off the tongue.

Shoes: Meanwhile in the shoe biz, Nike slips behind Adidas in most respected brands.

Beer: Deschutes testing NA and low alcohol beer. I feel like I did 10 years ago at the start of the craft boom when we’d go searching for small brews–usually sours–and the hunt was sometimes more exciting than the beer itself. I’m telling you folks, watch this industry…You’ll be hearing a lot more about NA beers in the next few years.

Personal: So Sunny (9) seems to be following closely in my footsteps. In one week, she’s got new trail shoes (thanks Amy and Salomon!), signed up for a big race with her running team, and….got a leg cast put on for 4+ weeks. (Something called Freiburg’s Infraction, if you’re wondering.)

Roche: The inconsistencies of wrist-read heart rate monitors.

Cyclists: One thing I’ve learned while compiling the Daily News every day for 8 years is that if I write anything in the least bit disparaging or targeted towards cyclists, I’ll get a ton of angry comments. Please direct your messages at the subject, not the messenger. 🙂

FKT: Ian Corless is following/crewing Mike Wardian as he sets across Israel in a new FKT attempt. Be safe, gentlemen.

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