Ultramarathon Daily News, President’s Day Edition

Justin/IRF’s week of ultramarathon and trail results.

If you haven’t watched the story of 72 year old Wally Hazeltine’s WS (non)finish recently, do so now. Such a great story.

Physical fitness is the basis for all other forms of excellence.  –JFK

If you dread the weekly long run, these tips are for you, you’re probably not reading this page right now.

I was up at the USATF Trail Championships held at the FOURmidable 50k on Saturday.  Course was a slop-fest, but the rain held off for most of the day.  Andy Wacker bailed around mile 4 and DNFed (7 stitches in his knee), and Megan Roche didn’t start due to a sick pup.  Max King and Cole Watson battled for first (after David Roche lost his shoe in a mud pit) until Max pulled away around mile 20.  YiOu Wang and Addie Bracy were together through 24 until YiOu pushed hard for the win (and the cash!)  YiOu tells me she’ll decide on Way Too Cool or Chuckanut, depending on how she feels in the next few weeks.  Great organization and lots of fun with preliminary results right here.  Here’s Jean Pommier’s report from first master/top ten.  Here are two funny collages that show Max and Cole running through the same stream, 2:15 apart, though with the same Oregon style:

ultramarathon river

You don’t have to have the ideal body to call yourself a runner.

The next pseudo-science craze is all about….genetics!

Quiz: Which shoe brand was the only company to post gains in January?  Answer right this way. Surprised?  I wish “major shoe brands” was defined…does that include Hoka? Altra?

517km of Ultraman madness in three days…barefoot.  

Short news day…what did I miss???

Heads up: Massive storms expected in Northern CA and power outages likely.  If there’s no news tomorrow, send a boat full of beer to my house please.

Baseball practice has been cancelled in our area due to the rain, but track workouts go on! Teaching these kids that you keep going, regardless of conditions and excuses.

Sunny and Presly Oak Hill
Sunny and Presly, Oak Hill Athletics.

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