Ultramarathon Daily News | Sep 26

Ultramarathon Weekend Recap: Jeff Stern from Ultrarunning Magazine launches a weekend recap column that highlights all the trail and ultramarathon results from the past weekend. Curious to see how it compares/differs from iRunFar’s TWIR by Justin Mock. (One point to Stern for publishing before TWIR is posted.)

Meanwhile, here’s a roundup of results and races specific to New England’s MUT scene.

Great movie about this year’s Hardrock 100. Excellent footage of front runners along with an emphasis on the mid-packers the cameraman was crewing.

The NYT ran a piece last week about the gradual extinction of multi-day ultramarathons but it’s behind a paywall.

I remember when Kipchoge was “too old” five years ago. Here’s the final minute of the WR marathon he ran yesterday in Berlin. And hey, he even stopped to get a haircut during the race!

Re Kipchoge, Sage vlogs about the GOATs potential if he started running ultras and what he could in a hundred miler.

What a great story!  Doug Meyer finds love during Tor des Geants.

Geez, cycling infractions get a little crazy.

As you go through the training phase, fatigue accumulates at a faster rate than you can adapt, meaning you literally have less capacity to do hard work.

–Koop breaks down how “progressive overloads” work and how they relate to ultramarathon training.

More on training…here’s a good addition to your hill repeat workout from Women’s Running.

Recent decisions re races in Hong Kong show the absurdity of the Covid policies. Mark Agnew is on it.

One of the cool aspects of the Vermont 50 is that athletes can choose to run or MTB the event. The author of this piece has done both numerous times. Gorgeous part of the country this time of year!

Henry chats with Aum Ghandi, a guy who started running ultras during the Covid shutdowns and is gearing up for Moab 240 next month. Neat story.

High school XC runner Athena Ryan attributes her recent success to consistent training, but don’t you think it may have more to do with the fact she’s a male running in a girls race? (She identified as male thru 2021.)

Jean Pommier shows that the trail running scene in Austin is good and vibrant (and hot!)

DBo is mixing up and expanding the media footprint of FreeTrail.

Gear: Here’s a new packraft designed by a mountain runner that fits into a hydration pack and is perfect for creating some truly epic adventures.

Eric Lee’s fourth run at Hardrock was a good one. Full report here. I’ve never been to the San Juan Range and am constantly blown away at the beauty of that course.


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