Ultramarathon Daily News, St Patrick’s Day Edition

Ultramarathon Daily News:

Data and gizmo geeks: Here’s a new metric to add to your list: Hemoglobin.  Apparently this device tests it on the fly and tells you how hard you’re working.

Interesting: According to this report, USADA may have grounds against Salazar for ethical coaching infractions rather than trying to get him on doping convictions.

 “When people are talking about something that is so intrinsic to their identity, like religion or politics, or in this case, beer, they can become very defensive and unwilling to hear other opinions.”

–As the craft beer movement grows, online discussions and rating sites are getting a little nutty.  And sour.  And bitter.

Are you a video producer who wants to make a little dough making some films about backpacks and tents?  Talk to Skurka here.

Are you a (non-Nike) sponsor who’s got an athlete running in the Olympic trials? Don’t you dare wish them luck online or reference their Olympic aspirations.

Do we drink beer on St Patrick’s Day? Yes.  Do we often pee behind outhouses? Yes. Does the willingness to suffer make us better runners? Of course!

Here’s our latest review of the Montrail Trans Alps. I had one reviewer in snowy/rocky Maine and one in mountainous Boulder give them a good run.

Short news day.  Recording new episode this morning and releasing in afternoon. Stay tuned!

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