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Most intriguing ultramarathon trail running camps of 2017.  He forgot Trail Heads Escape camp this month on the Western States course! Magda, Zach, Hayden, and Meghan will all be there to have fun and run beautiful trails.  I’ll be there too! Anyone else?  If I had my choice, the Jeff and Karl camp would be number one.  Can longevity and grit be learned by osmosis?

Is this the first Beer Mile death? November Project loses one of their own during an event in Rhode Island.  Certainly not blaming the Beer Mile, but when a death occurs at an event, fingers are pointed haphazardly.

Attention Danes: There is an immediate need to organize an ultramarathon around Copenhagen.  This would be incredible.

I’m often skeptical of studies that include projected “loss productivity” calculations, but the message is still crystal clear: Get your kids outside and let them play. Hard. 

Darth Vader (the real one) walks Rochester Half Marathon.

Active kids.

Five races runners should add to the spectating bucket list.  How about Carlsbad 5000?  Or a XC Championship?  What other events are fun to watch?

Boooooo! Giro d’Italia cancels downhill classification competition because it’s dangerous. The whole sport is dangerous. Let adults make their own decision.

Tracy was part of Caroline Boller’s crew at Mad City and had been asked to crew at Western States this year.  She’s got different plans, and they’re incredible. (LINK FIXED)

Speaking of Western, Squaw Valley just announced a lift will stay open through freaking July.  Shirley lift looks like it may tough the race course up near the Escarpment…Can anyone clarify?  Broken Arrow Skyrace will be making determination in June if race needs to be pushed back due to snowpack.  Let’s make it a real race and have snow sections!

There are some podcasts with great stories, and some with a great message and lesson. This is the latter. Bob Shebest shares his report from the Canyons 100k, but really focuses on running without a GPS and staying engaged with the trail, in the moment.

At the end of the show, I mention a giveaway to my Patreon supporters. Last night I chose two names at random and they’re each getting a new recovery tool from Target Release Recovery.

This is an excellent take on a question many of us get: “What’s the hardest run you’ve ever done?”  For many of us, it’s getting up in the morning, putting our clothes on, tying our shoes, grabbing our bottle and lamp, and heading out the door for a few miles is insanely difficult.  Fifty miles through the mountains with your friends? Pfffft, easy.

Tropical John Medinger pens an ultrarunning/endurance athlete obituary to Ueli Steck. Such a tragic loss, but at least he died in the Himalayas and not some hospital room with cancer.

Amy Sproston talks UTMB with SHAPE magazine.

Want to go from the midpack of a trail ultramarathon to the podium? Here’s some solid advice.

As much as I like mountains, I wish there were more races with the format the inaugural Edinburgh 50k is using: Urban streets, local trails, foot paths, more trails…a good mix of both.  I’m sure there are some domestic races like this…any help?

Beer News: NC’s Wicked Weed Brewing bought by Anheuser-Busch.

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