Ultramarathon Daily News | Sun, July 18

Well, Hardrock was pretty awesome, wasn’t it? The weather was dramatic, iRunFar’s coverage was on point, the field was stacked, and for once, I called the winners correctly!  Francois made it almost boring while DBo’s push kept the men’s race exciting. Meanwhile Courtney’s stomach issues caused a DNF and Sabrina’s close call with the record was heartbreaking. Here’s iRunFar’s wrap up. Also huge respect to 70yo Scotty Mills who finished his 10th Hardrock…that buckle will go next to his twenty Western States buckles on his mantle.

Trailrunner Mag: Hardrock updates its policy on female participation for 2022. Seems to be smart changes that make sense.

Did you catch our latest episode with Alek Simpson? Alek is an MUT runner from California with plenty of podium finishes to his name, and he’s run all of them while dealing with the symptoms of narcolepsy. How do you run ultras when your body wants to fall asleep immediately? How about when the side effects of your meds cause you to never be hungry?  And what animals does he see the most of while running at night in the Sierra? Lots to talk about with this really interesting guy.  Also stick around for a new NATHAN and HOKA review from Gear Guy Ben.

Who’d you say are the most prominent MUT film makers? I’d go with Billy Yang, Jamil Coury, Ethan Newberry and Kim Teshima Newberry , and Sage Canaday. Help me understand why then there needs to be a special DEI grant for trail and ultra films.

Joe Gray and Grayson Murphy (hmmm, coincidence???) took the wins at the Cirque Series in Alta, UT yesterday.

Guardian UK: Being wholly goal-driven sets us up for constant comedowns, but some high achievers–and ultramarathoners–have found a solution.

Looks like there was a pretty great race in the Womens division at Tahoe Rim Trail 100 on Saturday. Top three women (Susan Oh, Breek Lambert, and Jenelle Potvin) all within 50 minutes of each other.

Personal: Haven’t been to the doc yet, but I seem to have broken my middle toe yesterday. Swollen like crazy, black and blue, and very sensitive to the touch. How’d I do it? Running down singletrack with dodgy vision? Nope, paddleboarding on a flat lake. WTF?!?

YouTube: Ultramarathon masters record holder and HOF member Bernd Heinrich talks about his unusual life as a biologist (and runner) living in a cabin in Maine.

SCMP: What does it take to smash the Pacific (SF to Hawaii) rowing record by fourteen days? Positivity and gratitude. Dang ladies, nice work!

Ultramarathon runner and dad Philip Kreycik went out for an hour run a few days ago and never returned. Now a huge SAR operation is desperately trying to find him.

Note: I wrote all of this thinking that today was Monday. Surprise! One more weekend day!

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