Ultramarathon Daily News, TGIF Edition

Ultramarathon News

Darren Thomas is going to be a fun guy to watch.  Long family history of runners, he’s a member of the first collegiate ultramarathon team, and he’s on a hot streak right now.  He’s heading to the Georgia Death Race this weekend…let’s see how he does.

Have a race this weekend? Just watch this documentary on the Barkley Marathon (now on Netflix!) and yours will be a piece of cake.

And if you feel like reading more about what goes on at the distant end of ultramarathons, (come on, we all do), here’s a fun piece.

Here’s a cool video of Mesquite Canyon Trail Runs that Michael Carson put together. Some good clips of Jim Walmsley tearing up the 50K and Josh Brimhall winning the 50 miler.

Outside magazine takes on endurance training.  Best advice?

Holy cow Jean. Great news, great news, cool, cool, then aaaagghhh!  Take care of yourself and get better soon.  Keep us updated on your progress–HIPAA be damned!

coree cover

Did you hear the new podcast with Coree Woltering? What happens when a track guy is asked to pace a buddy at Leadville?  What did he learn during his first few ultramarathons, and how’s he doing now? So anxious to see how this year progresses for him!

I hadn’t heard from my buddy Eric in awhile or seen him on the trails. Now I know why. What I also know is that, despite the fact he’s got WS in three short months and his long run is currently three miles, he’ll still come in around 20 hours.

Speaking of injury, with recovery and training back on track, I’m starting to freak out a bit about Tahoe200 in September.  Super excited, but whoa, a bit freaked out too!  Tough one to wrap my head around.  I also may have another ginormous adventure run planned for October overseas…stay tuned.

Check your calendar for May 21, then head over here to learn more about the Ancient Redwood Running Festival held in Mendocino County. Various distances of trail running among 1200 year old redwoods, local food, local wine, local beer.

Based on click analysis, sports bra reviews are popular! Here’s another one that seems pretty thorough.

Meditation before running can help stave off or treat depression, new study shows.

I’m pretty simple when it comes to people, and my criteria often follows the “presidential beer test.”  Do I want to have a beer with any of the front runners? Nope.  Would I like to go on a run with any of them? Probably not.

The closest we can come to flying, and it’s accessible to nearly everyone with a bike and hill.

This new video from the African Attachment shows what Antarctica looks like from a runner’s perspective.

What are you running this weekend?  I’m hitting the local trails for 15 miles to see how the Salomon Sonics do off road.


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