Ultramarathon Daily News | Thensday? April 16nd?

Want to support your local race directors? Gary Robbins put together a program where you buy a wrap and 100% of the proceeds go to an RD of your choosing. I bought mine yesterday and hope that by the time it gets here I’ll only use it for running.

Throwback Thursday: That time I interviewed Ms. Monday Jones, the BDSM Dominatrix slash trail runner. If you haven’t heard it, check it out. Pretty interesting.

Speaking of that, I guess, it’s #NationalHornyDay. Don’t know what it means, but I saw it on the twitter, so it’s gotta be legit, right?

Many of us have heard of ITRA and are somewhat familiar with the athlete rankings, but what does it really mean to have the first American leading the young organization?

Outdoor specialty retailers: Is the customer always right? Anxious to see the results from this poll.

You know when you’re talking about ultrarunning to a non runner and they say “that sounds awful. I’d never do that”? That’s exactly how I feel when reading Jill’s latest post from the Iditarod Trail.

I’ve got the Ultravirus 12 hour coming up in two days and am pretty stoked. Weather is perfect at 72 degrees and I have a perfect 5 mile course that uses both trail and road. Wardian’s running it too, so it’ll certainly be interesting. How many five mile loops can I run in twelve hours? Who knows.

Trailrunner Mag/Roche: getting bored while you’re locked inside? Maybe it’s time for some Bulgarian split squats. LINK FIXED

HOKA is donating a couple thousand pairs of shoes to frontline medical workers. Nice job!

Short news day. What did I miss?

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