Ultramarathon Daily News, Thur, Apr 9

A whole bunch of questions with Rob Krar.

The UKs top female fell runner (do UK runners all have great names? Ricky Lightfoot? Nicky Spinks?) sets a new FKT for the Bob Graham Rounds. Read all about her experience in this excellent piece.

Runners are just a bunch of babies. Funny proof.

I just got this book yesterday and am already enjoying it.  Travis Macy does a great job of applying ultramarathon and adventure principles to other aspects of our lives: The Ultra Mindset: An Endurance Champion’s 8 Core Principles for Success in Business, Sports, and Life

Utah sure does have some beautiful scenery, and Cory seems to have found the best spot.

Not all runners at Lake Sonoma are elites. I chat with two runners right here that you can probably relate to.

We reviewed the Spartan Ultra Pack right here. Consensus seems to be that it may be great for short trail runs and hikes, but doesn’t really live up to the “Ultra” requirements.

NUC: The Masters PGA tournament has a strict no phone/social media policy during the event. I love the idea.

Not that I’ll need it, but this jacket from Salomon gets a great review for it’s waterproof and weight qualities.  Gotta say, Salomon reviews without prices freak me out a bit though…

Muslim girls lack female athletic role models. Here’s an exception.

It’s safe to say that my wife would kill me if I went off and ran a 200 mile race immediately after she gave birth.

If long distance running makes men more attractive (science!), then we must be really hot. Right? Right?

Do you have a coach? How do you find one? Ask Stephanie.

Trucker hats seem to be the cool thing nowadays. If you want to clean yours, check out this helpful video. I prefer mind a bit more worn and dirty.

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