Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Apr 11

Bryon/IRF: The Lake Sonoma 50 race is stacked.
My thoughts: Every time I bet against Max King I’m proven wrong, but what the hell. My podium has Tom Evans, Gus Gibbs, and Jared Hazen, in no particular order. The ladies: Camille will either win or DNF. If she wins, she’ll be followed by YiOu, Kelly, and/or Sabrina Little in no exact.
Fun fact: I won the underground WSER prediction contest in 2017 and have never batted above .5 in another, so please give zero credibility to the above predictions.
See you there? I’ll be getting a little run in while trying to watch the race.

Video: That finish line at Crown King Scramble looks like the coolest venue ever.

Podcast: You’ve DNFed before, right? Everyone’s got their own reasons and their own plans for next time. In this episode, I chat with Gabi about her recent DNF at American River 50 and how she’s planning for her next race.

Health: Work out and stay fit then go to the office and sit on your ass….and you’re back to square one.

Trail Sisters: Ugh, ticks. What to watch for and how to get rid of them on the trails.
I’ve mentioned it before but haven’t heard a good answer…I don’t get mosquito bites or rashes from poison oak, but ticks get me constantly. Any correlation between those?

Nutrition: Sugary nutrition bars arguing who’s worse. Or something.

Double Header: I’m not sure I’d be very funny after running Two Oceans, but this guy’s going for it. Ultramarathon in the morning and afternoon, then stand-up routine that night.

LetsRun: The LetsRun MENSA Team tries for an ultramarathon top ten list, all centered around their bizarre love/hate relationship with Sage Canaday.

Short news day. What did I miss?

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