Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Apr 15

SCMP: What kind of trail runner are you? An All-American Ultramarathon Trail Pro? Unknown Elite Runner from the Chinese Mainland? Maybe a EuroRace or a Grizzled Veteran? Pretty funny generalizations of our culture.

Interesting: A “team” marathon event is coming to the Czech Republic next month. It’ll be scored somewhat like a xc race, but with team bonuses awarded for individual PRs and a few other quirks. Hats off to the RD for trying something new!

Speaking of marathons, the 1904 Olympic Games Marathon was the most awesome event ever. Hilarious read about booze, dehydration, cheating, etc. h/t Ross Tucker.

Running and air pollution: What you need to know. The worst air quality I’ve ever run was in New Delhi, India. I literally couldn’t see the hotel across the street. Next up was the Northern California fires last year…I think I made it two miles and turned around.

Des Linden sets a new World Record for 50k. Very cool that she crushed Dixon’s old mark, but personally, I just wasn’t very interested in this story. If it had been in a proper race or had a live feed of some sort, sure, but the way it was managed just didn’t appeal to me. Nothing against Josh Cox, but any time there’s an agent involved, it takes away from the intimacy and personal connection of our sport. Hopefully we’ll get to see her in a race format soon. Huge congrats.

Trail running at night as a “meditative fitness activity” sounds about right. Paddling too. There’s something very calming about repetitive motion when your senses are restricted by darkness.

Ten things science tells us about caffeine and athletes.

I’m not really up to date on my powerlifting stats, but I do know that Ryan Hall deadlifting 500 pounds is pretty impressive. What a weird transformation, right?

Drug testers have had a hell of a time this past year busting athletes for doping.

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