Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Apr 20

Sarah interview the guys–Jamil, Schuyler, and Michael–behind Mountain Outpost.   Very funny stuff.  Here’s the latest video where Jamil and Schuyler ambush an aid station at Lake Sonoma with a couple of fake arms.

Ten bizarre ways runners treat their injuries. Proof the Placebo Effect is real.

E-“Sports” in the Olympics? WTF?

25 year old with no climbing equipment looking up at 400′ rock face in San Francisco in a wind and rain storm:  “Hey bro, hold my beer.”

Fantastic: What separates champions from almost-champions? Read it.

Happy Holidays to those living in California, Massachusetts, Maine, Washington, Nevada, DC, Oregon, and Colorado.  Try to get some work done today, OK?

We’re probably not going to see these at any aid stations any time soon, but new technology produces clean drinking water out of thin air. 

Interesting article on how a trail runner’s supposed PF was actually a psychosomatic pain caused by divorce.

Lance Armstrong, Rāce Director.  And appārently a fan of macrons too.

Science folks help me out here: Cooling your body down with an iced drink is most effective for endurance exercise if taken in between warm up and work out?  Right?

Why am I so impressed by this?  Video that shows how spectators cross street during Boston Marathon.

Jill writes about spring in Boulder (and a rebirth of her blog.)

Leslie takes some well-deserved time off from trail running and is loving it.  We all need that once in awhile to recharge both mentally and physically.

Who’s the new sponsor for the USATF Junior Olympics Track and Field Champs?  Yes, a chocolate company.


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