Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Apr 22

SCMP: The worst people to see on Hong Kong’s (or any!) trails. It’s simple…keep your music and your trash to yourself.

iRunFar: Excellent post by Sabrina Little about role models and how we can turn our admiration into action. Sabrina mentions her infant daughter and how she subconsciously mimics mom’s facial expressions. Same goes for older kids…many don’t have the faculties to really dive into the why of emulation, they just do it. Luckily our sport is replete with excellent role models for kids and adults alike.

The BBC’s in depth article about Big’s Backyard Ultra.

Something I’ve been thinking about and I’d love to get your opinions on it. As stoked as I am to see a return to racing and events, the excessive Covid protocols are nuts. How can I support RDs and a “return to racing” but also show that I don’t want to support rules like these (for a kids race!?!)

Race walker busted for doping. I’ll take this space to remind you that there’s a damn 50k race walk in the Olympics, but still no 50k run.

Trailsisters/Anish: How to fuel on the trail without getting addicted to sugar. As someone with a sweet tooth teeth, I’ll take all the advice I can get.

I guess this good boy was identifying as a female high school runner that day. (Total DQ for lane violations, BTW.)

Goggins Challenge, next level: Save a drowning kid in the middle of a run portion.

While I agree with the message, could we never use the term “stoner-ciser” again?

Follow along on Saturday as I’ll be announcing and live tweeting Canyons 100k. It’s a super stacked field on a new course with what may turn out to be decent weather. Who’ll get those final Golden Tickets??? See you there or at #canyons100k.

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