Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Apr 23

Max King: How to optimize your training time for trail racing.

Want to be a brand ambassador? Here are some ways how (but please don’t flood my feed with hashtags!)

Sage’s report from Boston.

Video from The North Face Washington DC 50 miler this past weekend.

Intro piece to Rich Riopel’s 159 miles at Torino earlier this month. He’s only been running for five years!

Wyatt ponders if his ultramarathon honeymoon is over. I can definitely relate.

And here’s a video of a Superman clad 10 year old tearing it up on the trails.

This week in science: Exercise is not the key to the obesity fight.

…but apparently neither is yogurt.

The female master’s winner at Boston got busted for EPO.

Based on his recent running, it sounds like Anton’s chances of competitive racing this summer are slipping away.  Pretty funny book review too.

Haha: Scientists debut robot that run half marathon and smugly brag about it.

Recording an interview with Ben Gibbard today about his recent Leona Divide barf-fest and being a rock star runner. Stay tuned!

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