Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Apr 30

Doing anything in early July? Want to win an entry to Rob Krar’s Ultrarunning Camp?

What are the top trail races in Minnesota? Nice trails, good beer, solid people…

Sri Chimnnoy Self Transcendence ultramarathon results are here.

…and another event that lies waaaaay out there, Leon Lutz’s Barkley report.

Science: Stand up!

Liza will want to listen to the Travis Macy interview we’re releasing today.  She’ll either hate it or love it. (Though I’m not sure Liza “hates” anything.)

Ian asks a simple question (“what is trail running”) and gets a ton of different answers.

Aug 22. San Francisco. The Beer Mile World Classic.  Of course I’ll be there with live coverage.

And yes, I’m still pursuing a Beer Steeple in Mammoth Lakes this summer. Helmets and shin guards required.

This dude ran London Marathon and couldn’t remember where he parked. He looked and looked for a few hours, then gave up and went home. A week later some other guy found it.  Had he just given up? What a weird story.

What senses do you remember the most from big moments? For me it’s smells and sounds.  For Will, it’s these songs in particular.

Thirteen craft beer races around the country. Nothing in CA. What the heck?

When people shrug and say that PED use doesn’t hurt anyone, they should talk to Irina and Edna. They’ve each lost half a million bucks to a dirty runner.

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