Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Apr 4

Stulberg: Overcoming fear so you can perform without distractions.

TrailSisters: Using kids to reflect on the power of positive self talk. I’m bookmarking this for some pre-race inspiration.

Packs/vests: Gear reviewer Sarah is checking out a handful of female-specific hydration vests and wants your input.

And oops, looks like LuluLemon’s entry into the vest market won’t make the line up.

Industry: TRE cuts one day, making the show a reasonable three day event.

The Paulaner radler above is a traditional German style beer (mixed with fruit juice, as is customary), and the Lagunitas HOP water is basically a lightly hopped LaCroix, sans bitterness. If you’ve never tried NA beers (the Paulaner is .5%, the Lag is 0%), I’d urge you to try them. Perfect post run beers with 96 and 0 calories, respectively.

Doping: Abbott World Marathon Majors moves to intelligent testing. A pre-chosen pool of 150 athletes will be heavily scrutinized in every aspect of their lives. I’m interested to see how this works. Will someone outside of the pool win? How invasive and intrusive will the testing be?

Lake Sonoma 50: How the Salomon trail team is gearing up for the most competitive 50 miler in the country.

Kara Goucher: As much as I like runcations, time away from work, running (and, ahem, blogging) is also pretty sweet and necessary.

Ultrarunning History: More on Sandra Brown, the world record holder for completing the most 100 mile ultramarathons.

Science: Bad diets worse than smoking.

Diet: I’m trying not to make light of this, but I’m pretty sure I’d be diagnosed with ARFID due to my fear/disgust of hardboiled and/or deviled eggs. I’m 100% sure that I’d choke and vomit if I ate one (just like I did last time.) For Sunny, she has the same response with bell peppers. Van…that guy will eat anything and everything. What’s your food fear?

New venue: Alright, so when will The Track host its first timed event? Because if runners trudging around a 400m track isn’t fun to watch, a track half the size will make it twice as fun, right? Right?

Play nice: I’m always up for a good conversation, but let’s keep the personal sniping to a minimum. I’m doing my best to keep the comment section respectful and appreciate your support. Thank You.

New episode: I’m recording a show today with Guillaume from France. We’ll be digging into many of the alternative distance/format events around the globe and discussing what makes them unique and why we’re seeing an increase in participation. Stay tuned.

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