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Chase disects the imaginary mountain ultramarathon between Kilian and Galen Rupp.

Whew.  People are fighting about pot while elite roadie Sarah Crouch finds out she’s running with “Tammy.”  I hope the results come back in her favor.

The North Face Championships just got more interesting.  Nick Arciniaga (2:11 marathon) will be lining up for his first ultramarathon. Here’s a good quick interview with Trail Runner Mag about his transition.  I’m curious how he chose TNF for his debut and hope to have him on the show soon.

This Montanan legislator isn’t making any friends in the MTB community. Wow.  I understand he dislikes cyclists, but what’s preventing him from slapping a similar fee on trail runners?  Anyone familiar with the state statutes?

Matt Hart turns in a great bio of Jason Koop that also addresses any culpability with CTS and Lance.  Great discussion, no hysterics or name calling. Check it out here.


Did you hear our latest episode with Dave Mackey?  We discussed the finer points of elective leg amputation, prosthetic design, and what his kids think about the surgery.  We also talked about his future on the trails, his prognosis, and yes, also about the tweet war that’s started about Avery Collins and pot use.

dave mackeyThat episode was sponsored by the Trail Heads Escape trail running camp being held next month on the Western States trail in Michigan Bluff.  Join me, Magdalena Boulet, Zach Bitter, Megan Arboghast, Hayden Hawks, Dave Mackey, Avery Collins, (I’m kidding!) and more as we run, talk, try out gear, and enjoy great food and beer all in a cabin-camping environment. Registration increases on April 10th, so get on it now and use ULTRARUNNER in the checkout for a $25 discount. Thanks for their support.

Is this marketing hype, or do the sub2 runners really have different fueling needs than a guy running 2:04? Honest question.

A horrible loss in Florida. RIP.

Something I’ve been learning in Physical Therapy: Learning to squat.

I’m tired of the PED issue, but here’s Toni Reavis’ take on making assumptions about who’s clean and who’s dirty.  Thankfully, he’s addressing Usain and Lance, not the MUT scene.

Puzey brothers starting in elite corral of Boston Marathon in their first run at the iconic race.  Anyone have info for the fastest siblings at the race?

Annoyed with the PED issue getting all the attention, the IAAF set to consider axing the 50k race walk. All seventeen fans freak out.

Do you have run rage? Full disclosure, I’ve kicked a car.  They deserved it, trust me.

Happy Thursday.


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