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Speedgoat Karl is a few days into his AT attempt.  There’s no live tracking, only a daily odometer. Bummer.

This athlete missed the opening games, so he staged his own.

Best duffel/travel bags: I’ve been using the North Face bag for almost a year and it really is incredible.  It’s been through airports, hiking, camping, rafting, and it’s still in perfect condition. Most important: The zippers are solid. Highly recommended.

Nick Symonds partners with Zappos to get some money into athletes’ pockets.

This year, men are the sex objects at the Olympics.  Aren’t all well-toned athletes?

Speaking of that, men are weaker than we were thirty years ago.

While we’re talking about gender issues, I’ve always heard about the Falmouth Road Race, but never knew it used a “countdown” at the finish to award a bonus. Check out more details here.

Read this: What Phelps teaches us about winning. 

Gear check: What exactly was the Trump Tower climber using to scale the building yesterday?

ultramarathon phelps cupping
Found on Twitter.

The fifty best women’s running blogs to start reading now. Recognize any?

Looking to waste a few minutes? Check out these mini-games of Olympic events.

Is there anything better than being on a hot trail run and finding a cool swimming hole?  If you’re in Oregon, you’re in luck.

Yep, they got that right: Another day, another risk-averse video of a MTB ride on an anxiety-inducing trail.

Tim Olson and Zach Bitter like this guy, so you might want to check it out: Seven habits of highly successful primal athletes.  Lots of marketing mumbo jumbo in there, but the content is good.

Read this too: Six lessons from an Olympian. Courtesy of McMillan Running.

Quick review: Modern Times Brewery’s Fruitlands Passion Fruit and Guava Gose is not good.  Tastes like a combination of a half-hearted fruit beer mixed with a mild gose.  Shared a bottle with my wife. She liked it, I didn’t.  Full disclosure: I have no idea how it got in my fridge, but I’m pretty sure someone came over and left it the way a young mother ditches their unwanted child at a fire station.

Bryon’s rundown of new trail shoes coming this year.

Watch this without flinching. Bet you can’t.

Holy what?!?!?!  From Buzz Burrell on FB: Leor Pantilat just absolutely crushed the FKT on the Sierra High Route! He finished last night in 4d, 16h, 21m, which is almost TWO DAYS quicker than anyone else, and did it Unsupported. The SHR is a much higher, mostly off-trail parallel to the better-known John Muir Trail. Andrew J Skurka and I had a lovely time hiking it in 8 days in 2004 (the Editor of Backpacking Magazine had just done it in 22 days).

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