Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Aug 13

TrailRunner: Addie Bracey writes about psyching ourselves up to do hard things. Whether it’s a life event or an ultramarathon, you’ve got this!

Outside: How are shoe companies and pro athletes weathering the shutdown and the corresponding running “boom”? Good article that looks at small boutique companies up to behemoths like Nike.

Someone needs to invent new adjectives for what Alex and Tommy are capable of when they team up. Mind-blowing, amazing, awesome—all [those descriptions] fall short.. .I love how they combine high-end endurance with their obvious climbing skills. I’ve long thought of mountain running and climbing as existing on a continuum, rather than entirely separate entities. It’s all moving in the mountains, just with different emphases. 

Climbing: Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell finish a massive 35 mile loop in Colorado that included technical climbing, bouldering, and plenty of trail running. When is Honnold going to register for a proper race? I’d love to see him!

Eco Challenge: This should be fun to watch! Coree Aussem-Woltering (URP interview) joins a team to tackle 400 miles of running, paddling, swimming, and adventuring in a race to win cash.

Cool idea if a race is gets cancelled: Provide a measured course and leave it up for a few weeks to let people “race” it on their own.

Here’s the weather in Sacramento for the next week. OH DEAR GOD.

Adventure Journal: Don’t use your Buff/gaiter as a facemask. Next week: Use your Buff/gaiter as a facemask.

Remy: I know it’s a joke, but I can’t be the only person who’s left an aid station and wondered when all the sugar will kick in, right?

ITRA: Here are three examples of how to host a trail race in the age of covid.

Skurka: Backpacking tents and tarps for the big and tall. I’m taller than average (6’2″) and struggle with tents sometimes. Made the mistake of ordering a standard sleeping bag one time instead of the “long” version and will never make that mistake again.

Mmmm, pubic hair beer.

I’ve recieved notes and emails from many of you over the past few days. I appreciate the words of encouragement and am still trying to figure out my next step. That message on the podcast was certainly not a pity party of invitation for sympathy, but I do appreciate the responses. Thank You.

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