Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Aug 13

Here’s my type of argument: Hats vs Visors.  As someone with an obscenely large head, I’m unable to wear most hats, so my nod goes to visors. You?

LetsRun (not the message boards) has calm, reasoned response to the Nick Symonds dilemma.

Meanwhile, Nick thinks the decision is “bullsh!t” and that “the USATF needs to be burned to the ground.”

TBT: Ultramarathon Daily News from one year ago.

Six new trail running trends that are coming next Spring. Meh.

After Stage 2 at TransRockies, the Puzey Bros are leading Rob Krar and Mike Smith (results here), while Jenn Shelton and Kathryn Ross are in front for the ladies.

I posted some training/crewing updates for Clove a few weeks ago…now let’s find out how she did at Badwater.

Speaking of Badwater, here’s more on Bob Becker, who, at a young 70, recently finished the double.

I’m no equestrian (horses freak me out), but Ride and Ties have always intrigued me. Here’s an old school video.

20 mile trail race in Montana that’s got 6800′ of gain, 10k’ of loss on super technical and completely exposed trail. Yowl! Looking forward to part two tomorrow.

Here’s an interview with Jurek about his AT adventure.

How healthy is your love for running? A lot of these issues seemed to mirror many of the root causes of OTS highlighted in this excellent piece.

Hey New Englanders…looking for a Heady Topper “arrangement.” Email Me me if you can help. Thanks.

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