Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Aug 18

Short and Sweet Ultramarathon Daily News

Meb, Bernard, and the secret to running forever.

Fun: What ultrarunner are you?

NUC: Former forest ranger and nature lover had a dying to wish to go outside and enjoy the outdoors, and a team of nurses and firefighters made it happen.

Yes, I’m inconsistent.  I thought it was kind of lame when Schlarb and Kilian finished hand in hand at Hardrock, but I’ve got no problem with the Olympian twins doing the same thing.

The Steeplechase is my favorite track event and I watch Jager with a sense of awe.  However, I don’t know the intricacies of the rules. Yeah, there are a bunch of people freaking out about Kimboi’s DQ, but I’m not sure if it’s unfounded outrage or not.  Tim? Max? Care to opine?

Releasing a new podcast soon.  I chat with a top ten finisher from the Eastern States 100.

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