Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Aug 20

Corless: Thorough recap and excellent pics from an actual trail ultramarathon! Gorgeous scenery from some fierce competition in Norway.

Meanwhile, China hosts an ultra with 6,000 tightly packed participants. No thanks.

A smaller, modified race taking place in Cody, Wyoming next month. Winner gets a milkshake and a beer.

Well dammit, this isn’t the news I was hoping for. #morningperson

iRunFar/Little: Excellent post (once again) by Sabrina Little where she writes about Superbia–loosely synonymous with conceit–and how it’s differentiated from pride borne from hard work. I’m hoping many of our prominent influences on social media read her post and digest it.

While commenting on AJW’s post about Waldo 100k earlier this week, I asked where the original name (Where’s Waldo) originated.
Craig Thornley filled me in with this info:
There is a ski run at the host resort named Where’s Waldo. You can see Waldo Lake from the ski run, weather permitting. Most of the Waldo 100K course is in the trees but as you summit the peaks Waldo Lake is visible. The name seemed very appropriate for the race and there was no association or use of the coloring book character. We had no issues until the rights to the coloring book character were sold to a media company that was going to make a movie. When you searched on Where’s Waldo back then the first links were to the race, not the coloring book character. Hence, the cease and desist later and us changing the name to just Waldo 100K. As far as I know the movie was never made.

“Running for me now is very therapeutic and my wife can tell if I really need to go for a run because I get edgy. It’s become a lifestyle. It’s really taught me that life, quite simply, is an ultramarathon. You have to pace yourself and keep cool when things go terribly wrong or right. You can always get through a situation by thinking clearly and problem-solving.” 

Ultrarunning Magazine‘s Blue Collar Runner: Kevin from Connecticut.

To those who holler and post about science! science! science! when it fits their narrative! Alright, have it your way. One beer for you. No more.

SCMP: I’ll admit to not ever having heard of Russia’s top female ultra trail runner Katya Mityaeva. Sounds like quite a force! This was also the first time I’ve heard of Amateur Radio Detection Finding (ARDF.) Anyone participate in that stateside? Sounds like fun.

Damn DBo!
(Game on, Ghelfi!)

Fires in Northern California. Ugh. Looks like the steepest mile in California (15.8%) is threatened and likely burned. Anyone have info on Mix Canyon? I haven’t run it in a few years and am suddenly pining for the pain.

Runner’s World: He’s seventy five years old and just ran a sub 6 min mile.

Seventeen training myths (illustrated by Brendan) debunked (by Roche.)

And again, thanks so much for the emails. I’ve been deluged and am trying to get back to you all. I appreciate every one of them.

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