Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Aug 20

Here’s a crazy story about a set of identical twins and how they cheated their way to a podium finish at Comrades. #BanTwins (I kid, of course.)

Fun NatGeo video of Ryan Sandes cruising through some sweet terrain in Namibia.

Yesterday it was swimming and running, today it’s trail running and fly fishing.

JamesSpicoliAwesome: Team scoring at North Face, Sonoma, and The Rut! TBD: It’s sponsored by USATF. See all the details here and please weigh in!

…and hopefully, this race company will put together a team. Please please please!  Or at least host an ultramarathon or trail race. Or…cookies! Ooh, wait, I know that dude! I can only imagine the aid stations…

Update on the over-involved Ranger story from yesterday. They’re revisiting rules and practices and dropping fines. 

Alright Spartan, go home. You’re drunk.  What the heck is this?

Meer elite beer miler Lindsay Harper. I think I just swooned.

David Laney is moving around the West Coast (most recently in the awesome Mammoth Lakes) while he trains for UTMB.  Here’s an interview with him (coincidentally written by my high school girlfriend’s sister.)

Here’s an excellent race plan for Leadville that can be used for virtually any race.


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