Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Aug 27

Jake Jackson struggles honestly with Imposter Syndrome. Good read. Might be an interesting guest, huh?

A friend of Rivs hikes his keyboard up a mountain in the San Juans and taps out a beautiful rendition of Clare de Lune to honor his buddy. Beautiful.

DC RainMaker: Are you injured but your Garmin keeps beeping at you to get your workout in? Now there’s a solution…Pause Training Status.

In case ya missed it, Northern California is battling some of the worse fires in our history. Those on the front line are dealing with long hours and awful conditions and need our help. Skip Brand (Healdsburg Running Co and Lake Sonoma RD) has been using his RDing skillz and setting up aid station. (food, drinks, insoles, poison oak wipes, etc) for those protecting us. Here’s a way to help. Thanks everyone!

Which sports fanbase has the coziest relationship with cannabis? (FWIW, it appears they didn’t poll trail runners.)

How fast could you run up one of Boulder’s infamous Flatirons? It’s a quarter mile with 1k’ of vert.

Self-isolation, Montana style: Attempt 50 peaks in the Beartooths in 30 days. That’s 100k-150k’ of vert, almost all of it above 10k feet. Dang!

There are various products on the market that claim to be more hydrating than water alone. You can buy artichoke water, coconut water, watermelon water, and many others. If you become dehydrated, what you need is water, not fancy products with other things added. As Consumer Reports says, β€œThere’s not much truth to the hydration claims.”

Are you getting tough water and staying hydrated? (I learned my lesson after my kidney stone a few years ago!)

More on Emily Halnon, the runner who recently set the FKT for the Oregon portion of the PCT.

Anton runs and rides for just under six hours to cover a grueling 92 miles. Good read.

Treeline Journal: In less than a month, Camille Herron will attempt to set a new WR for 6 days. Can she break 600 miles? Note: Yiannis Kouros has the record with 639 miles…that’s a record that won’t be touched. Joe Fejes ran 606 at EMU a few years ago and Camille could get close.

Dunkin Donut jelly donut IPA? COME. ON. Reminds me of my kids ordering shave ice. Sunny’s favorite is sour apple and cotton candy. Ugh.

RD in Malta spray paints course marking arrows on rocks in a protected area, then attempt to remove the arrows by chipping away at the stone. Nope. Environmental folks in Malta are taking him to court. (Link fixed.)

I interviewed Francesca Muccini yesterday and plan to release the episode this afternoon. Francesca obliterated the women’s record (and ran the 3rd fastest overall time) at Vol State 500k this year and has some incredible stories to share. Stay tuned.

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