Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Aug 27

Outside publishes a good analysis of the road vs trail debate and what qualities the former needs to excel in the latter. (Link is working again. Check it out before it disappears.)

The twenty five golden rules of running. I’m fairly certain I’ve broken them all.

We’ve covered trail running and swimming, running and beer drinking, trail running and mountain biking, trail running and skiing.  Next up? Trail running and archery. Can I get any support for the Beer and Archery Mile presented by UltrarunnerPodcast?

Another new podcast! Giddyup! We chat with Anna Frost about her recent Nolan’s 14 adventure, the logistics involved, whether she had fun or not, as well as the FKT issue.

One of my running heroes gets immortalized in a corn maze in Canada.

Seven things to consider when buying a sports bra.  Here’s our (well, not my) review of bras for busty runners from last year.

Yay! Chicago Marathon doing away with pacemakers for elites.

And here’s another podcast (not URP) about Michael’s advenure at Badwater. I’ve “watched” Michael increase his races, his distance, and his performances (and envied his job as a caddie at Pebble Beach) and am anxious to listen to his full story about the extreme end of ultramarathons.

Seven images that changed the outdoors forever.  What images come to your mind?

Aaaand, it’s official. IRONMAN is now owned by a Chinese conglomerate.

I dunno, this article about running hills seems like a placement by the AMA.  Whenever I struggle on uphills, the last thing I think it “ooh, that air quality is probably causing me asthma. Better get an inhaler!”   Is it just me?

Happy Birthday to Kara Teklinski and Ryan Ghelfi.

One more podcast today, and one tomorrow. Stay tooooooned.

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