Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Aug 29

TrailRunner: HillyGoat returns to the TDS podium. Here’s our interview with Hillary.

ScienceMag: Great essay about how Mikel uses ultramarathon skills to make him a more resilient scientist–and person.

WaPo: Zach’s 100M WR gets some mainstream media love.

All of this makes Eastwood one of the most compelling athletes in the NCAA this fall. How she runs — and how the NCAA reacts — could set a precedent for how the NCAA handles MTF transgender cases and reshape the future of women’s sports.

–Last year, Eastwood led (at the time) his collegiate team. This year, she’ll compete as a woman as the first male to female transgender XC runner in the NCAA. Here are some facts from LetsRun.

UTMB: The undisputed leader in race coverage. Anyone have info on how they do it? Is it outsourced to a production company?

Organizers are hoping this race will lead to a trend of mountain ultramarathons in Kenya.

6Days: Joe Fejes still leading the men, with Connie Gardner leading the women. Looks like the real race is for 2-4th for women.

YouTube: Packing your UTMB kit like a pro.

Dure Magazine: What do you think of this article on style-driven running gear? How important is the style factor to your buying decision?

Recorded a fascinating interview yesterday with a guy who’s day started out like many of our weekend days…long run in the mountains with a buddy, but ended up in a coma fighting for his life. Stay tuned.

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