Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Aug 3

From the Olympics to one of the toughest ultramarathons in the world. If you liked Anthony Famiglietti’s episode from March, you’ll really like his report from Speedgoat. Fast, brash, and honest…I love this dude.

There may be a new unsupported AT FKT. His training and experience certainly give weight to his claim.

Just because you sweat doesn’t mean you’re hydrated.

Great report on Adam Campbell’s Hardrock finish written by Dakota Jones.  What a story!

I don’t know how you Alaskan trail runners and hikers do it.  Oh, hell no.

Anchor Steam sold to Sapporo.  Not a big fan of most steam beers, concluding Anchor Steam….you?

Skyline Scotland responds to the social media brouhaha about absolute gender equality in prize money. I have no idea what that response meant, other than that the SkyRunning series is confusing and every race name in Europe requires a damn trademark symbol. Other than, I’m staying out of this one.

Some people love big races while others like being pushed in small races by a sadistic race director.  Great report from Karen’s run at Devils Doorknob.

Science: Running and music are a good fit and have positive benefits.

Excellent interview with one of the nicest guys in the sport: DaNuch.

The Market is doing well, but FitBit and UnderArmour are both struggling.

Do you have foot problems caused by ultramarathons? Do you like pics of macerated feet and blistered toes? Read on, friend.

Did you read Ben’s latest review of the TOPO Terraventure? I’m a big fan too. Very well made, great price point, and most of all, comfortable.

Runners are a pretty ritualistic group. Matt’s not having any of that rubbish.

Why running is so beneficial to older women. My mom’s an active runner and in great shape. Here’s an interview I did with her from a few years ago.

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