Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Aug 6

What happens to your body during a hundred miler?

The secret to picking the right running shoe…revealed!

Wow! Meet the maniac who scaled 58 peaks in less than 10 days.

Ian tackels a good question: Why can’t runners cycle quickly?

Happy IPA Day! What’s your favorite?

Speaking of IPAs, didya hear our latest interview with Sage Canaday? In it we discuss training for tough terrain, prepping for his first hundred, beer, music, and the trombone.

Take a minute and read this piece about a RSA runner who was considered their greatest runner, and is now forgotten.

She’s a swimmer and she’s only 17, but she’s my freakin idol.

Two things about this story: First, I want to see her friend’s Strava data from the run back. Bet she PRed that mile! And also, I’d say that if you get attacked by a grizzly bear on a run, you’re no longer considered a “jogger.”

And give Allie a few years and she should be at the top of her (MUT) game too.

Are you overtrained, or are you just tired?

Hilarious: Hitler loses his records on Strava.

Whoa! The NYT discusses the rise and prominence of FKTs. Have we gone mainstream?

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