Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, August 15

How many races have been canceled this year due to record snowpack? Nat’l Geo says don’t get used to it.

Would you spend $1000 on a rain jacket based on look? Think again.

“Three things that usually get in the way: lack of time, lack of motivation and injuries.” From Mr. Consistency himself, Ian Sharman

The Importance of Eating Enough Food

Ultramarathoners eat junk, but the strategy makes sense – Business Insider(?!)

Are single-use aluminum cans really more environmentally friendly than single-use plastic bottles? Dasani thinks so.

Incredible drone footage of Mt. Everest

You’re Not the Athlete You Used to Be, And That’s Okay. Raise your hand if this hits closer to home than you want to admit.

The Pikes Peak Marathon record of 3:16:39, set in 1993 by Matt Carpenter, is one of the stoutest CRs in the sport. Kilian’s got his eye on it.

Don’t click just yet. Guess who the quote below refers to.
“He’s had success on the track, on the road, at cross country, trail running, mountain running, skyrunning, short ultramarathons, 100 kilometers, long ultras (not as much, but not many can boast a top-five finish at the Western States 100), and even obstacle racing. He’s tried pretty much everything. And by success, we mean he’s been world champion. In more than one discipline.”
Ok, now click.

Maybe you just need to eat something and rest a little.” Anyone else’s wife keep a snack in their purse so you don’t turn into a Snicker’s ad?

The 800lb Gorilla of US August races is this weekend.

With two (low altitude) down – including an overall win at Vermont – and two (high altitude) to go, Gediminas Grinius remains just over a half-hour ahead of Grand Slam record pace.

Perspective check of the day: 2xVermont 100 Finisher – on crutches

RW Clickbait (that ultrarunning research supports): No, You Don’t Need Sodium Supplements Even When You Go Really, Really Long

Your daily long run philosophizing, courtesy of iRunFar’s Bryon Powell

Many thanks to Eric for the chance to help out! This is Brad Bishop of Gnar Runners and Hardrock, signing off. You’ve got one more guest author tomorrow, and the man himself returns on Monday.

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