Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Dec 1

Ultramarathon and Trail News – Thursday, Dec 1

OhMyGod. It’s December?!?

Scott Jurek will be leading a VI runner at the CA Int’l Marathon on Sunday while I’m recovering from Saturday night.

Science?  Only three sports affect long-term health.  Wanna guess? Wrong. Nope.

…I’m anxious to see what HealthNewsReview (kind of the Snopes of health/fitness news) says about the study.

What’s the best ultramarathon book for you?  What’s your favorite?

Good list that I’ll use as a cheat sheet for 2017: Top ten Northen CA trail races.  One race I’d add is a trail race on Angel Island (not sure who’s putting them on nowadays.)  There’s something quintessentially Northern California about taking a ferry to an island in the Bay, running around the perimeter and up to the summit while checking out unmatched views of Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the cityscape.  

ultramarathon angel island
Friends and I on a run on Angel Island a few years ago.

Scientist finds the “zones” with the highest percentage of centennials and analyses how/when they exercise and what they eat.  Good news for this crows…we’re part way there.

IRF: How to choose your first trail race.

Tomorrow is Wear Your Buckle to Work Day.  No time to organize a thing around it this year, but science shows that wearing your buckle to work the first Friday of December increases your lottery odds by 23%.

Why does China lag so far behind Japan in terms of marathon results?  One thing’s for sure, the country (PRC) is aggressively recruiting western runners and media to participate in trail and ultramarathon races, but it seems like more of a tourism play than one focused on athletics.

Throwback Thursday: URP Daily News from three years ago.  Topics included Zach Miller, Dave Mackey, beer, lottery odds, and more.  Not much has changed, has it?

Sure, it’s a PR move, but Columbia Sportswear hires two “Directors of Toughness.”

If you’ve been reading these pages for a few years, you’ve seen the Angry Jogger’s range of emotions, highlights, depressions, and hilarious reports about running, booze, and diet.  Now he’s getting boring (though still snarky), and that’s a good thing.

ultramarathon sage canaday
Sage Canaday coming thru muddy Muir Beach at TNFEC 2014.

Looking for a high ABV beer that’s served out of a damn taxidermied squirrel?  Willing to pay $20k for it if it comes with some equity in a growing brewhouse?  Check out the madness right here.

New episode dropping later this morning. There’s been a lot of attention paid to the elite field of North Face this weekend. I chatted with a guy from Illinois who’s flying out for his first ultramarathon, has never seen an aid station, and will be chasing the cutoffs. Stay tuned.

No URP Daily News tomorrow. Back Monday.  I’ll be at TNF events starting today thru Sun morning. Grab me and say hi.

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