Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Dec 10

No ultramarathon content, but you need to read this: This guy is attempting to break the record for most miles ridden on a bike in a year. Current record is 75k, which means Kurt is on his bike more than half the day, every single day, pushing past 200 miles and 8k calories every single damn day. Holy cow.

Caitlin flew sixteen hours for the 50k World Championships and learned some lessons about travel and diet.  Still a solid 6th with an international field. Nice work!

Science: Wait, huh? I forgot what I was writing.

Here’s a good bio/obit about TNF founder Doug Tompkins. He certainly had a full life.  And here’s the story about how he went from a high school drop out to a millionaire conservationist.

I’ve got ten months to get ready for Tahoe 200. Can’t wait! Check out this video!

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc is now officially called UTMB and there’s a new logo.  And Columbia (Montrail’s parent company) is a parent sponsor.

#letgordyrun: I still don’t understand the Board’s decision to cause waves in the MUT community just to save one spot, and wish we’d get some clarification.  “Rules are rules” isn’t an acceptable response, so what is it?  Sure, it’s the Board’s call, but this move makes it look tone-deaf and insular.

Do you use marathons as training runs? Do you think they’re a good replacement for the long run? Read this.  I’ve used them to get into race mode and to help train myself to push in a race…and will continue to do so. You?

Pretty cool: Nickademus Hollon and Charlie Engel are taking off today on the “Sea to Sea”—one surge from the Pacific Ocean in San Diego to the Salton Sea in southeast California. 130 miles across 4 distinct ecosystems, serious mountains, etc.  Anxious to hear how it goes!  And if you haven’t listened to each of their podcasts, definitely check them out. I spoke with Charlie (one of the true icons of this sport) shortly after his release from federal prison, and spoke with Nick (at least in this interview) shortly after his hallucination-fest at TdG.

New to ultras? Read this.  Training to walk and hike in ultras and trail races can pay off well.

Leor just added another section of wilderness to my bucket list.  Check out the Buckeye Loop above Yosemite. Wow!

Chris price found a nutrition/hydration regimen that worked for him during his first time at TNF50. Top 20 finish, too!

I was watching this video on improving running economy and form this morning while listening to some old Prince at it synced up perfectly. You’ll have to trust me. It was awesome.

18yo junior-level cyclist takes EPO to capture a time trial in the UK.  Not good.  I’m assuming there’s not a lot (if any) money in junior level events, so what’s going on?

And in other cycling news, China’s richest man aiming to purchase many of the sport’s top events (including TdF). This is all after he bought Ironman earlier this year.

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