Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Dec 13

It’s looking like there’ll be a shootout in March. You thought Hardrock had a stacked field? Santa Barbara Nine Trails has all the Coconino Cowboys, Chris Denucci, Coree Woltering, Kris Brown, Desert Solstice winner Jacob Jackson, and more. The ladies are coming ready too with Krissy Moehl, Kate Elliot, Taylor Nowlin, Sandi, Cat, and a whole lot of others ready to race the tough 35 coastal miles. Can’t wait to see everyone take on this distance, especially with Jim’s half marathon fitness.

Cool film shot by Derrick Lytle at Desert Solstice.  Interesting insight from Zach and Pat about how the competitive atmosphere changes when you can see your challengers the entire race. And Sports Illustrates covers the race with an interview with Camille Herron.


Lots of folks appear to be wearing the new Coros Apex GPS watch. Our gear editor Ben just received it and is putting it through it’s paces. Check out the unique two button layout above.

Five ways social media can be toxic for athletes.

John Kelly uses Barkley in a pitch to protect public lands.

Here’s our Year in Review and Predictions for 2019 episode with Dylan Bowman. Agree with our picks?

Looking for a unique (and pricey) gift for a special person? Here’s an auction to go on a pretty rad 20 miler in the high Sierra with three of your friends and a guide.  Looks like it’s a fundraiser for a NP that helps troubled youth.

I may have to start listening to podcasts. This sounds like a pretty interesting format…Derek from Marathon Investigations and Scotty from TJM present both sides to cheating/cutting/DQ accusations. I know that true crime formats are big now…is this a version for our niche?

Either this trail in the UK is extremely remote or the photographer must’ve photoshopped out other runners. What a gorgeous ridge run! Where is everyone?

slo 50k ultramarathon with Kyle
Kyle and I after SLO50k in September.

You’ve heard Kyle on the show and you’ve heard/read me talk about our runs together. Now he’s available for public/motivational speaking gigs. (Just don’t try to book him for the last week in June.) 

Part three in a series of trail tips from the Trail Sisters. Good stuff.

Baby, it’s cold outside: Making friends with the treadmill.

Thursday Funny: Running comedy isn’t very funny.

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