Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Dec 3

Yesterday Ethan pointed this out on Facebook and created quite a discussion: At the bottom of IRF’s female preview for “podium favorites” at TNFEC, Elisa Desco is listed, and in her brief bio it states that she was suspended for a positive EPO test.  It’s a tough situation. Many are pointing to her partner/husband(?) Marco deGaspari, who insists that the test was compromised, protocols weren’t followed, etc.  He’s a bit too close to the person in question for me to take his opinion seriously, but one thing that holds true is that the governing and testing bodies are about as credible as politicians right now.  However, Elisa is Italian and that country is wrought with allegations (and convictions) for doping.  This is a discussion we need to continue to have, and unfortunately it takes incidents like this to force us to talk about it.

Skyrunning USA (led by Ian Sharman) banning convicted dopers for life. Now there’s a start!

Justin writes a solid TNFEC preview for Runner’s World right here.

I’ll be at TNFEC this weekend bouncing around watching the race unfold.  Probably even have a growler with me. Stop and say hi.

Eleven miles of lush trail with a gentle 700′ of gain. Only problem is, sometimes it’s closed because of lava flows.

If there’s one masters runner who stands out, it’s Meghan Arbogast.  Here’s a quick piece on longevity in ultrarunning.

You should be running XC this fall and winter.

Yesterday you read Lorraine Young’s report from JFK50, here’s Matt Flaherty’s interview with winner Sarah Bard.

Will these new Grand Canyon proposals dissuade you from visiting the park?

Short news day today.  I’ll write about it at some point, but this remodel has many similarities to a loooong crazy race.  We’re at about mile 60 of a ~100 miler. Technically most of the mileage is behind us, but the hard part lies ahead.  My pacer is crying and wants to quit, each aid station charges $10k for food, and we’re not entirely sure where the finish is…

No Daily News tomorrow. I’ll be at North Face.

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