Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Dec 8

What’s on the ultramarathon and trail running calendar this weekend? Desert Solstice and Hellgate will be the final two races to be considered when we vote for the 2022 UROYs and gulp, that means we need to start studying up on the year and figuring out our choices.

The story of Sinead Diver is almost hard to comprehend. She started running at 33, has two kids, and just clicked off a 2:21 marathon in Valencia, Spain at age 45.

More on Valencia: Beck writes about the top mens and women’s performances and how much room we have for improvement in how the races are covered.

An easy-to-understand explanation of what it means to work out in Zone 5 and how it may benefit your training.

Anyone remember the 2012 North Face Endurance Challenge Championships? Pretty much like this, right?


Speaking of San Francisco, I can’t stop watching Danny MacAskill’s latest video.

Faced with a rampant doping problem Kenya looks to criminalize anyone busted for PEDs. Hoping it means “managers” and coaches would be prosecuted equally.

Anton update.

We had Chase Parnell on the show three years ago as he was launching a new adventure for he and his growing family. Unfortunately, part of the new life is coming to an end and I’ll sure as hell miss it.

“I’m also an outlier in the sport. For me to be breaking world records like I am – I have a gift, I have a genetic talent.”

–Some things don’t need to be said out loud, ya know?  #cringe

Fegy’s doing the Hardrock/Western States double next year.

Well unfortunately I missed the Last Paddler Standing (same format as the run, but on SUPs) in Florida last month, but now there’s a new bar to aim for. Professional Italian paddler Paolo Marconi went for 48 hours (160 miles) before stopping. Hoping I can make it next year, and big thanks to Tracy for the info and encouragement.

Each year on this date I try to take a moment and write a small memorial to my best friend Tony who passed away on Dec 8, 2013, three days shy of his 40th birthday. He and I were best friends in high school, ran XC together, lived together in our 20s, and were connected until the very end. (I was with him in the hospital every day for the final three weeks, save for the one day I covered TNFEC in Marin.) If anyone has been close friends with an addict, we had our ups and downs and “f*ck him if he won’t help himself, I’m fu(king done!” moments but we were always drawn back together.
Tony came from an extraordinarily privileged background but dealt with multiple addictions from his early 20s and despite 10+ rehab “vacations”, he never really recovered, eventually succumbing to Castleman’s Disease triggered by the HIV he neglected to treat consistently.
I’m not looking for condolences, but only this: If someone around you is struggling, do whatever it takes to disrupt their habit and addiction and get them professional help. We tried with Tony, but not hard enough.
RIP, friend.


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