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Finally, a really good interview with Kilian! He talks about the monotony of his life, the realization that he has changed since becoming a father, the cultural expectations of interview question, and maybe, just maybe a run at a little race in Greece in late summer.

Run Spirited: Henry chats with Angela Shartel about her awesome journey from overweight introvert to ultra stud, race director, and inspiration to many in the community. For more on her story, check out her URP interview right this way.

CTS/Koop: Sometimes I ask my wife how her work day went and get a response that flies waaaay over my head. That’s how I feel when I clicked this link wondering if 30s intervals are beneficial to ultramarathon training.

WaPo: Connecticut girls file federal lawsuit seeking to restrict trans athletes from competing in high school athletics based on their gender identity.

“Ultrarunning has taught me that I am capable of so much more than I could possibly imagine. As an ultrarunner, you have likely heard the response, “I could never do that,” when asked about your latest foray into distance running. In all aspects of my life, I try to apply the opposite response and imagine how I can challenge myself more. The outcome is so different if your mind is free.”

Ultrarunning Mag highlights Ruthie Loffi, a “blue collar runner” British transplant who’s found her place on the trails. I love her attitude!

Heineken’s non-alcoholic beer is really good (as opposed to it’s traditional offering, ahem) and it’s helped the company to it’s strongest year in decades.

This guy is on Coronavirus lockdown, so he ran 31 miles in his living room.

In a training rut or having a bad race? Disrupt the patten!

Spartan dives into the international ultra trail scene with a list of events around the world (meh), a big prize purse (yay!), a bunch of new ambassadors to try and sway the community (meh), and a doping policy (kinda yay).
Do we really need another “series” that’s restricted to the handful of people who can afford the money and time to fly around the world to compete in these events?
Will this person be a “champion?” By what standards?
Will the ambassadors be transparent in their relationship with Spartan, just as gear reviewers do with comped gear?
I dunno, as I wrote last week, I think Spartan–and the MUT world–would have been better served to drop some of that cash on a big European mountain race and a low key North American ultramarathon to help acquaint the MUT scene with the OCR giant. I’m all for the growth of the sport, but this resembles Rodney Dangerfield trying to dock his boat in Caddyshack.

Trailsisters: Intro to orienteering…and the many benefits it offers MUT runners. I’d love to try it out.

Tarawera athlete dies after collapsing at race. More here.

Anyone have $70k they want to spend on me? The new Mercedes Benz Metris Weekender is sweet.

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