Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Feb 18

Garmin’s new Enduro watch has an 80 hour battery time courtesy of mini solar panels and is made specifically for ultramarathons. Love the idea and anxious to see more real life reviews. Anyone tried it?

ultrarunning: Muddy and loopy Hellcat 50k in Florida drew runners from all over the country but was won by two Floridians. First-place male was Flint Brady from Crescent Beach in 3:51 and the female champ was Amy Columbo from Boynton Beach in 4:57.  Nice to have some racing again!

Trailsisters: Good advice for women heading out on the trails alone. From getting lost and injured to mammalian predators, it’s always good to be safe, aware, and have a plan. Apparently I’m a glutton for punishment, but I’ll ask it anyway: If safety is such a concern, who do so few women run with a sidearm (where it’s legal to do so)? I don’t own one, but there are a few instances on past runs where I would’ve felt far more comfortable if I had the means to protect myself.

Thursday Funny: Old-fashioned runner saving himself for marathon he really loves.

iRunFar: Black Diamond Distance Spikes review. Never tried any of these before.

Wait, what the hell is happening at the Disney “invitational” Marathon?

Semi-Rad: How to talk to people about their favorite outdoor activities. I’ve seen most of these interactions in real life.

Wine grape based ales are picking up steam. I tried a few sips of one in Portugal last summer (can we just call 2019 “last” summer please?) and it was really interesting. Anxious to see more breweries/wineries trying this style.


I created a bit of a dust up yesterday when I (correctly) predicted that my comments about Zoe Rom’s Trailrunner piece would trigger the Twitter mob. Pretty much on cue, the Boulder Squad © came out in force, upset that I disagreed with the nature of Ms. Rom’s post and angry I called it “hyper-woke.”

I spent the time privately responding to people who agreed with my pithy comment and a few who didn’t. Both groups were apprehensive about commenting publicly because they feared the backlash that occurs when complex issues are discussed in a nuance-free environment. These people feel the same as I do: They feel that the wokesters (oh god, that word again!) have bastardized an extremely important issue–protecting the environment–with their overblown intersectional virtue signaling. In my opinion, in an attempt to make a fair point in support of inclusivity, the author overstepped a bit and turned off readers with the overwrought rhetoric.

If you’re looking to get a wide gamut of opinions on our sport, culture, and environment–and hopefully provide some entertainment–stick around and leave civil comments, especially when you disagree. Sometimes my comments are an attempt to move the readers mindset on an issue, sometimes I ask for feedback to help me understand an important issue, and sometimes they’re meant to add some levity to an increasingly intense world.

Overall, I appreciate the abundance of support I’ve received over the past ten years and thank you all for being a part of URP.


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