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Ultramarathon News

Another reason to love ultramarathons: It’s good for the brain!

Breaking with tradition a bit, this Sherpa woman was named NatGeo’s Adventurer of the Year.

I will use a foam roller to iron my balls.

In the four years I’ve been following Matt, this is the most determined I’ve seen him to get healthy and in shape.  Stay strong!

When you’re on an adventure run or fastpack, do you take any type of medical kit? Here are some good ideas on what to bring.  Only thing I’ve ever needed is a bandana…it’s been a splint, a bandage, compression, etc…

Here’s one take on how elites were (mis)handled at the Olympic trials.  Other runners have spoken up and defended the trials to an extent, but the overall feeling seems to be that LA dropped the ball.

Speaking of marathons, here’s an honest look at how US times have compared to int’l times over the past few decades.

Read this: Joel perfectly describes my feeling towards most “science” and dealing the unbearable symmetry of bull$hIt.

Surprising infographic on “runners.”  More of us run on treadmills than any other surface, and we’re more likely to run with a dog than with a friend.

Without looking, what brand of shoes was most popular at the Oly trials? 

Good pep talk for the injured runner. Maybe you’re not injured now, but you will be at some point, right?

Really stupid writing, but an interesting look at how a world class sprinter trains and eats each day.  That’s a lot of work for just 400m meters!

Two interviews today: Sarah and I are chatting with OCR champ Amelia Boone, and then we’ll spend some time with Jim Walmsley.  Both Amelia and Jim recently earned “Golden Tickets” and we want to learn more!

Frank and Scotty running up the Escarpment in Squaw Valley in 2012.
Frank and Scotty running up the Escarpment in Squaw Valley in 2012.

As tough as they come: OG Ultrarunner Frank Bozanich. We’ve interviewed him a few times on the show, but you really need to get the Frank experience by going on a run with him.

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