Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Feb 25

ultrarunning/Crowley: The head, heart, and soul (and future) of trail running.

UTMB elite fields for 2021: Stacked and stacked. I’ll have my eyes on Ailsa Macdonald and Tim Tollefson in particular. Camille Herron will be an interesting entrant as well. SO MANY PEOPLE!

Amidst a blurry outlook for brick and mortar, Fleet Feet is adding five stores in 2021.

Corless: Ian checks out the slick new Adidas Terrex Speed Ultra, a nimble and light trail shoe meant for ultramarathon distance events.

Worldwide, scientists have not documented any instances of outdoor transmission unless people were in close conversation. (NYT, Feb 2021)

Beck: With very few exceptions, wearing masks outside is performative bulls*it. I agree completely.

Thursday funny: Seven foods to eat after your run. Number two all the way. I’ll pass on 3, 5 and 7.

Mini rant: Is the world really that bereft of real news that half of this week’s media is dominated by Tiger Woods’ car crash?

In times like these, when everything feels so overwhelming, it helps to remember that we have power within us to take back some of the control we feel we have utterly lost. Finding quiet times, creating quiet times, and using our breath to help us through the noise. I hope to not feel buried by this time in life like the earth under the snow. I want to feel rested coming out of this winter so that when spring’s energy finally comes, we can welcome it with open arms, and grow. 

Treeline Journal: Nikki writes about finding quiet amidst the noise of everyday life. Good read.

Newsweek: When two intellectuals–one is managing director of an organization that “advocates for public policy positions based upon traditional Jewish thought” while the other “fights at the front line of feminism,”–agree that the Equality Act will be disastrous for women’s sports, it’s worth looking into.

There’s a perfectly good intellectual discussion around what to do with athletes who have undergone medical intervention and lowered t levels. I don’t agree with the outcomes generally and do not believe they should compete against biological females, but it’s a respectable POV. What I can’t wrap my head around are those people who believe trans athletes who’ve undergone zero medical intervention–those who “self identify”–should be in the same discussion and enjoy the same rights in athletics. Can anyone help clarify this for me?

Guardian: Super shoes are having a seismic shift, so why won’t athletes admit it? Excellent article.

Chris Evans’ wife sounds like the type of woman I don’t need in my life.

Trailrunner Mag: Review of the new Garmin Enduro solar-enabled watch. Eighty hour GPS, but also 800 bucks…oof.

Semi-Rad: Excellent and simple perspective on your running. (Be that guy in front.)

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