Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Feb 25

Ultramarathon News for Thursday:

Not too far from the trail and ultramarathon mecca of Mill Valley, these convicted murderers are running a marathon from within the walls of San Quentin and includes good insight into what it means to them.  Reminds me too of this interview we did with ultramarathon legend Charlie Engle a few years ago, shortly after his release from federal prison. He ran while incarcerated and inspired others to get active.

And hey, if you’re really itching to run in a jail, you could always enter this race.

Hilarious: The new key to winning trail and ultramarathons? (Not exactly Safe for Work, but no actual nudity or bad language.) Intrigued, aren’t ya? Oh, just click it!

Rob has struggled with weight in the past, and in this maiden blog post, challenges himself and others to focus on the next 110 days and get in shape for a few key ultramarathons.

“I think you do need to be careful with volume,” he said. “What I would say now, looking back, is I wish I would have never added up my weekly mileage. Because the workouts are where you are going to make your biggest gains. Work out hard and then recover really well, and don’t worry about running volume, just for volume’s sake.”

–Of course, Ryan was at a higher level and intensity than 99.99% of us, but the message is the same: Rest, recover, and beware of pushing too hard for too long.

OG Ultrarunner Barney Klecker’s (4:51 AR 50 miler) son is tearing up the track at the University of Colorado. The kid’s got some solid genes for sure.

The LetsRun message boards discuss high mileage for ultramarathons.

Lake Sonoma 50 is going to be incredible this year.  It’ll have the USATF team scoring, as well as serve as a selection race for IAU Trail World Championship in Portugal.  It’s especially nice to see such a high profile event used for the IAU selection and will (hopefully) ensure that we’re represented well overseas.

The four biggest trail running mistakes you can avoid.

The Coastal Challenge is 225k of trail running through the jungles of Costa Rica, spread out over six days.  In this teaser/spoof video (LINK FIXED), we see eventual 4th female Clare Abrams on her trek, and in this extended version, the seriousness of what it takes to finish the event and the craziness of the terrain.  Looks like a blast!

Alcoholism: The Angry Jogger is going through a massive change right now and it’s a powerful thing to witness. Stay strong, Matt!

Read this: Are you addicted to recovery? Magness lays out the argument that too many athletes use recovery tools as a crutch, while ignoring the reasons we use them in the first place.

When Photoshop and running collide in a positive way.

Anyone ever tried these shoes by Ampla? I can’t imagine they’re trail safe…getting a rock stuck in their would be awful.

Seth Swanson: Super nice, low-key guy, one helluva runner, and a great ambassador for our sport.

How to balance yoga and running. I remember years ago, I was running a self-supported 24 run around a local park, and a yogi friend of mine joined me for a few hours. She’d have me stop every few hours, do some poses, then get back on the path. It helped!

Ethan and I are recording a new podcast today that’ll provide the brand new ultrarunner (or family/friend of one) a crash course on what this ridiculous sport is all about. Stay tuned!


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