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Good article about saboteurs intentionally remarking trail race courses. These people probably don’t realize how dangerous it is to mess with a race course like this.
We’ve had the issue in California and I gotta admit, I think it’s somewhat self-inflicted. While I love the growth of our sport, other trail users are getting understandably pissed off when parks are used a few times each month for races. Is vandalism the appropriate response? Of course not. But could we do something to mitigate the frustration and share better? Yes we can.

Congress just passed a fat public lands bill that will expand use for outdoor groups. Next step is the President’s desk.

Dean Karnazes’ headlamp died, he wiped out, and now he’s dealing with the first real injury–and recovery–of his long career. Here’s the story.

“Things like this are indiscriminate,” Kikkan says. “Doesn’t matter if you’re a good person or you’re totally healthy. Sometimes this stuff just happens, and there’s a lot worse things that happen to really good people, and they’ve come out stronger because of it. This is something I can get through, something I can manage. I try to acknowledge those things and reframe.”

–Be sure to take a few minutes to read this incredibly moving and emotional story about Kikkan Randall and her battle with cancer. Well done, ESPN. 

Sherpa John writes about inclusion and diversity in the sport.  John makes some good points, but also mixes in the socially-required amount of virtue signaling into this post.

Dani Moreno
Dani Moreno

Did you catch our latest podcast with Dani Moreno? She’s smart, patient, and loves technical vert. I’m anxious to see her career expand as she takes on longer races next year.

That episode was sponsored by the Strava Summit upgrade. For a few bucks a month, you can unlock a whole new world of features. Use URP at checkout for a free trial.

Runs in a rut? Spice them up with some of these ideas from David Roche. I’ll humbly add my favorite: Put your music on random and run to the tempo. Fast song, run hard. Slow ballad, time to jog.

Two climbers missing in Pakistan have their rescue attempt delayed amid tensions with India.

Trail town USA: Auburn, California. All trails lead to Auburn!

Excellent post about child standouts and whether early success translates to adulthood.

Anderson tells me that her typical speed on a long hike is about 2.8 miles an hour—pretty darn average. “The thing I always hear is, ‘How can you enjoy it when you’re going that fast?’” she says. “I’m like, ‘Well, when was the last time you drove a car at 2.8 miles per hour and felt like you couldn’t possibly see anything because you were going so fast?’”

Anxious to read Heather “Anish” Anderson’s new book about her PCT adventures.

Trail running in Memphis? Ack, watch out for venomous snakes hanging from the trees.

Clickbait science: No sub 2 hour marathons for another 13 years.

Rod Farvard was a name I wasn’t familiar with, but after his finish at Black Canyon, I’ll be keeping an eye on him. I like his approach to races!

Another fun new name for me: Audrey Tanguy.

No ultra content whatsoever: This guy dipped his balls in salsa, and this woman got bit by a toilet python.

As the father of a young daughter and a youth coach, stories like this hurt.  What else can we do to prevent disordered eating in young kids?

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