Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Feb 4

Ultramarathon News From Around the World

Something we all deal with: Diminished motivation in the ultramarathon “off season.” Here are some real-life tips on dealing with it.

Stand up paddle boarding? Not that interesting. Jet-propelled SUP? Yes please!

Lance’s registration for the Western States Training Run has people talking.

Here’s a neat video on HURT 100 with appearances by a few past URP guests.

Sarah and I are interviewing Matt Fitzgerald today about his new book, but here’s a great piece about how to eat like an elite.

Speaking of what elites eat…here’s Rob Krar’s wife Christina’s recipe for pumpkin lasagna.

Site news: I just realized that I’ve not been getting messages forwarded from the “contact us” tab and have completely inadvertently ignored a few months worth of messages. I’m so sorry and will start replying today.

Ultramarathon RDs descend on New Zealand to see what it is that makes Tarawera so unique.

Interesting article about REI membership and whether it has lost its meaning.

Running in Arizona soon? Heads up:¬†There’s a freaking jaguar roaming around.

Short news day. What did I miss? ¬†Preparing for two interviews today…stay tuned.

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