Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Jan 12

Ultramarathon Daily News

Short news day today.  One more podcast to release and a trail shoe review to publish. Stay tuned.

Excellent long-form piece about a 13 year old Canadian girl who ran the world’s fastest marathon.

The ten best canned beers for hikers (and, ahem, runners.)

This picture seems to be missing a few people.  

Did you catch the latest podcast with Alicia Vargo? We talk nutrition, diet, speedwork, and how to stay healthy on the trails.

The episode was sponsored by S-Fuels, and they’re giving away 25 boxes a week for 10 weeks to URP listeners/readers. Click here for more info.

Aye, aye, aye, here’s a messy situation that I’m glad the MUT world doesn’t have to deal with.

Speaking of disabilities, did you know the Vermont 100 has an Athletes with Disabilities division?  

UTMB series elite runners announced.

Outside Magazine does a 2 min film on Jim Walmsley, his thoughts about running, and aspirations for the future.

List-o-rama! The five most challenging thru hikes in the world.

Meet Jeff Ball, the winner of the first Golden Ticket for 2017.  You’ve read many of his race reports on these pages over the years…now he’s going to the big dance!

Cory Reese makes a keynote speech about Badwater and the ultramarathon adventures. Here’s the 45 min video.

“How bad does it hurt?” is a frustrating question we get from docs when we’ve got pain. Here’s a good piece on how science is seeking to measure and study pain.


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