Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Jan 13

UROY Countdown: Adam Peterman and Katie Asmuth named #8 UROY for 2021.

And your top ten FKTOYs of 2021. Ranked order being releaed in podcast form over the next week.

SCMP: More on Sania Sorokin’s new 100 mile world record. He talks about training in Kenya, losing his job as a card dealer and turning pro, and what his weekly mileage looks like.

Grand Teton Loop video. Great footage that shows the pure beauty of this environment and wildlife. Looks like a sensational trail!

Setting aside spots for a trail race based on skin pigmentation and sexual orientation–and assuming those groups can’t afford the entry fee–is a weird mix of pandering and -isms isn’t it?

Yesterday I received my Training Essentials for Ultrarunning (2nd Ed., Jason Koop) and am excited to dig in.

Eoin Keith has won the Spine Race by just over three hours. More live tracking here.

Remy: Nike says all of its running shoes will be electric by 2025.

Good interview with Sean Brosnan, the Head Coach of the greatest prep XC team in history.

Nah, still not buying it.

But yes, I will keep buying these.

Just me or did we all miss the flood of “new sponsor” announcements that usually take place at the beginning of each year? Who went where?

Ultrarunning Mag: What’s going on in ultramarathon and trail running this weekend?

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