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Your Daily Dose of Ultramarathon News:

Take a few minutes and watch this. Some incredible footage from trails all over the world.

Breaking News from AP: Putin was involved in IAAF cover up of doped athletes.  Running is about to overtake cycling in the most corrupt sport of this generation.

It’s hard enough to quantify the number of adult runners, let alone the number of youth runners.  This survey is doing a decent job.  I’m involved in a weekly running group with my daughter’s elementary school and am always shocked at the level of interest from the kids.  Do you think there are more youth runners than there were 20 years ago?

Touching memorial to an ultramarathon vet and WS finisher who died of cancer.  What a way to honor his passing than with a run that ends at a cemetery!

ultramarathon pic

Do you know people who treat their nutrition as a religion that you must join to be saved?

…like the person who claims that everyone should eat locally?  Ain’t gonna happen.

Leor writes about FKTs and why he’s not so interested in setting any more.

NUC (No Ultramarathon Content), but Ashton Eaton has got serious hops. Wow.

This is what Pam Smith’s 2016 is looking like.

In depth interview from Matt Hart/IRF with one of the coolest–and most influential guys–guys in the sport, Hal Koerner.

Thursday Funny: Seasoned runner scoffs himself to death while reading beginner runners forum online.

Would any of these high tech gizmos actually help your running?

Read this: The science of ultrarunning.

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