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SCMP: I’m always up for a good adventure, but might draw the line at a trail ultramarathon in North Korea. Would you?

Run Spirited: Henry chats with first-time ultramarathon runner Ryan Miller…yep, the same Ryan Miller who just earned a ticket to The Big Dance. Cool story, and a great addition to the rabbit elite team.

TrailRunner Mag/Metzler: Is it the trail and ultramarathon races you like, or is is the people and the community?

…but newcomers have as much right to be there as some grizzled hippie in a terrycloth bandana who ruins the cred of his vintage get-up by taking 15 minutes to force a dump from himself while a line of irritated would-be shi#ters, men to a one leaking the fumes of nervous pre-race ass, forms outside the stall. 

–Well, if that doesn’t draw ya in, I’m not sure what will. In his latest piece, Kevin Beck recounts running as a younger man in New England and how the sport has changed from a competitive endeavor to one where every accomplishment is eagerly cheered. Good read.
I’ve read a lot of Kevin’s writing and get the feeling he and I don’t agree on some political issues, but we seem to share the opinion that the performative aspect of the social justice movement is not good for society, and certainly not good for our sport.

Everything in moderation, right? Nope, not exercise.

Runner’s World chats with Billy about his movie about Zach.

“We will have to wait and see but at some point if the U.S. becomes a rogue state I think we will start looking at whether the Games in Los Angeles should proceed,” Pound, the IOC’s senior member, told Reuters.

Reuters: Capping off a stellar few weeks in the United States, we’re now apparently also at war with the damn International Olympic Committee.

Mario Fraioli writes about the latest Outside hit piece in his Morning Shakeout.

iRunFar: How to get ready to start base building for big summer races. Good stuff.

LA Weekly: Cannabis as a superfood. Well, it sure makes me feel super.

Remember at the 2019 Backyard Ultra when it was down to just two runners? Maggie Guterl and William Hayward. Most of us knew of Maggie, but William was a mystery. Well, turns out, he’s one tough Kiwi who’s heading back to the invitation-only 298km Hong Kong Four Trails. I love the aesthetic of this event and wish we had a similar style stateside. Similarly, why do so few Westerners compete in Four Trails?

One of the funniest editorial corrections I’ve read. Check it out here.

New FKT set for the circumnavigation of Hawaii’s Big Island.

Update: SF Bay Area trail/ultrarunner Lucas Horan’s body found in bay. RIP.

ultrarunning: Get to know MUT photographer Jobie Williams. I’m constantly amazed at the skill of those people behind the lens…I’ve got zero talent in that field.

FOX: Sapporo prints a typo on the beer can for their lagar lager and tries to throw away all the beer. Luckily, some heroes stepped in and offered to drink it.

Speaking of beer, Bon Appetit writes about the non-alcoholic beer craze.

Can we stop pretending obesity is healthy?

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