Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Jan 2

SCMP: The twenty best trail and ultramarathon runners of the decade. Trigger warning: This considers both sexes and is not written from a North American perspective.

BBC: Fascinating photo essay of the high school in Kenya that’s the genesis of some of the best runners in the world.

Step back in time as women’s ultramarathon pioneer Eleanor Robinson recalls her run at the Colac 6 day…a year that was packed with other races of all distances. What a great story!

You weren’t planning on working today, were you? Here’s Sabine’s list of the top ten MUT movies of 2019.

Run Spirited: Henry highlights past URP guest and friend Kyle Robidoux! I’ve known Kyle for years, guided him at races, and can attest to his awesomeness and strong focus. After many requests, he’s also started a public speaking gig…if you’re looking for a guest with a powerful message about conquering battles, check him out. (NFI)

Semi-Rad: Brendan has a chart and some ideas that will help attain your goals in 2020.

We spoke with Walt Handloser last year en route to attempting 50 hundreds in one year. He completed his goal a few days ago. Nice work!

Runner’s World: What we want to see in the next decade of running. Gotta hand it to RW…a pretty good list, and one with multiple MUT references! My only addition would be to the last point. I’d change it to: The Boston Marathon (and Western States) Finds Ways to Expand Their Fields

Here’s your motivational video to get the hell outside and on the trails. That’s Becca Jay, Hillary Osborne, and Marin Brownwell. Get it!

Sarah Lavender Smith: What’s Sarah been up since she left URP and moved to Colorado? She’s still running, racing, and coaching, but has pulled back from following the sport closely as her passions have moved closer to home. If you aren’t subscribed to her blog, do so today. It’s great to have an independent voice out there and Sarah’s got a great perspective.

Monica Prelle/Medium: If you’re going to post horizon pics on Instagram, you damn well better make those lines straight. Good stuff!

Help: A reader reached out asking if anyone’s got info on the heaviest person to ever finish a 100 miler. Anyone have a definitive answer?

ORM: So what’s going on with the Spartan/Tough Mudder merger? Matt’s got all the details on the business side of things.

Treeline Journal: Chase opens up about his discomfort with risk and finishes with an incredible story of getting lost on a day-long trail run in Oregon’s Sisters range.

More from Chase: A 12 minute strength workout for Ultrarunners.

January 1 means new contracts for many pro runners. I know of a few switching sponsors while plenty of others will surprise us soon. Anxiously waiting for announcements…

AnUltrarunnersBlog: Will is ready to test himself in 2020. Are you?

Like racing? Here are the highlights from day one of the Hakone Ekiden. Yeah, check out the runners, but look at those crowds! This is Japan’s biggest sporting event of the year.

Outside: Latest cancer scare: Tents.

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